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Telos is an ancient City of Light created by Lemurians who survived the catastrophic events of some 12,000 years ago. Telos thrives today beneath the magnificent and mystical Mount Shasta, in Mount Shasta, CA, part of the vast under ground Agartha network. Adama, the High Priest of Telos, shares profound spiritual teachings and insights through the channelings of Aurelia Louise Jones. These inspirational and heart opening messages are life-changing in nature and expand our awareness of higher levels of consciousness, and assist us in our transformation and Ascension process. It's time to wake-up and become the Light we truly are! Telos, Ascended Masters and all Light Beings are here to support us on our journey back to ourselves. Learn more about Telos and the fifth dimensional quality of life in the Telos Book Series, Volume 1, 2 and 3. These books on Lemuria and the more expanded heart-opening path are transformational tools supporting us in our discovery.

Volume 1: Telos

Volume 2: Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation

Volume 3: TELOS Volume 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension

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