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Are you ready to deeply remember who you are and why you’re here on Earth during these extraordinary times?

Are you ready to fully re-charge yourself in body, mind, and spirit?

Are you ready to move out of fear and confusion into confidence and clarity?

If you are, please join me in Mount Shasta for a guided spiritual journey or retreat !

Mount Shasta spiritual tours & retreats for individuals, couples, and small groups.

Mount Shasta is a magical place. The pure energy this mountain radiates makes it easy to connect with your deepest essence and to remember your true purpose.

In your retreat or journey, I will take you to sacred sites on Mount Shasta that few visitors ever discover, and support you in receiving the wondrous gifts that Mount Shasta has for you.

P. S. Whether you’ve been to this incredible mountain many times before or will be making your first trip; 2016 is the year to make sure to journey to Mount Shasta. Your guided retreat or spiritual tour will help you enhance your life skills to truly start living the life you came here to fully experience!

Mount Shasta Retreats
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All activities on US Forest Service property are conducted through Shasta Vortex Adventures who operates under Special Use Permit from the USFS, is fully insured and operates on a non-discriminatory basis.

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