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Personal & Team Transformation
Expanding the heart of your organization to unleash results!

Are You Looking To:
  • Inspire your people and teams to flourish
  • Unleash untapped potential of your employees and teams
  • Expand the “heart” of your organization to better serve your customers, employees and stakeholders

VeraHeart offers the Power 7 Series to individuals and organizations.

The formula includes workshops, self-paced daily activities & personal coaching over a sustained period of time to create new habits and cultures within.

“VeraHeart came into my life at a time when I was seeking various paths to take with my life course. After learning of this program I knew it was what I needed giving me directions to new thoughts, energy and love. I am walking this path and finding peace within. Thank you for taking me on this journey. ” ~ Willo

“Just the discipline of taking the morning time to do the exercises was so difficult for me. But I thought I could push through it for 14 days. I did! I was so happy that each day I was rewarded with a new idea or insight about problems with family, friends or work. I am more aware now.” ~ Sandra

“I saw how being more vulnerable could actually give me more hope. Without vulnerability we can’t touch another’s soul or our own. I’m such an expressive person that I sometimes speak before thinking… or feeling. When I feel fear or get hurt I could shut down, be closed. But, that is not me! With the Power Series I learned how to be authentic and vulnerable.” ~ L.M.

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