Mount Shasta Spiritual Healing Directory

For decades Mount Shasta has served as a sacred space, attracting people seeking personal growth and healing, along with tourists following curiosity and mystical legends of Telos.

This is a community directory of Mount Shasta health practitioners offering alternative modalities and providers of spiritual services, along with local business listings.

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Mount Shasta
Spiritual Healing Directory

Alternative HEalth Providers In Mount Shasta Area

Mount Shasta Retreat Services

Mount Shasta Retreat Services

Are you ready to deeply remember who you are and why you’re here on Earth during these extraordinary times?

Are you ready to fully re-charge yourself in body, mind, and spirit?

Are you ready to move out of fear and confusion into confidence and clarity?

If you are, please join me in Mount Shasta for a guided spiritual journey or retreat !
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Detox Foot Bath & Reflexology

Detox Foot Bath & Reflexology

Wendy Weibel is a Certified Reflexologist. Her relaxing techniques in combination with the Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath will soothe your body.

The Ionic Foot Bath can be of help in reducing swelling, neuropathy, candida, and also in relieving strain on kidneys, liver, and other organs.

She also includes a few minutes of reflexology both before and after the Ionic Foot Bath treatment to help internal organs release toxins.
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VeraHeart Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Are You Looking To:
• Inspire your people and teams to flourish
• Unleash untapped potential of your employees and teams
• Expand the “heart” of your organization to better serve your customers, employees and stakeholders
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Crystal Healing Sounds

Crystal Healing Sounds

Experience the joy and deep relaxation of a Crystal Healing Sounds Light Activation Session with the pure vibrations of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls.

What is a Crystal Healing Sounds Light Activation Session?

Crystal Healing Sounds with Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls provide a vibrational sound of 'pure tones' releasing stress and imbalances in the body allowing the process of expansion and renewal to happen creating light activating change within us.
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Soul Connections Store

Soul Connections’ mission is service to each soul walking the spiritual path. It is our goal to make available the necessary spiritual tools that can be instrumental in uplifting one’s soul to higher levels of being. We are continually searching for one-of-a-kind, hand made, quality items from around the world that have the intent and design for just the right person. Since our focus is to make New Age / Spiritual items available to everyone on the upward trek, you will often find that we carry not only exceptional higher end pieces, but also many that are high quality and affordable.

Many of our items are displayed on our Facebook page. Please feel free to browse, then call to place your order, or Call us with inquiries and we will help you find what you’re looking for!

29 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd.,
Mt. Shasta, CA, 96067
[email protected]
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Telos Books

Telos & Lemuria

Adama is the High Priest —the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. Also an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe.

The Telos books offer timely and fascinating messages from the people of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, living in the fifth dimensional city of Telos, the Lemurian City of Light, situated beneath Mount Shasta, CA. Living in the Inner Earth, they are the survivors of the lost continent of Mu, who perished beneath of waves of the Pacific Ocean over 12,000 years ago. Our Lemurian brothers and sisters of Telos are our former family of ancient times and they are soon looking forward to coming out, to reunite with us once again, after a very long period of physical separation. This book touches the very core of your heart.
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Transmissions: Inner Earth & Nature Kingdoms

Telos & Lemuria

Dianne Robbins wrote the 1st TELOS book ever published in 1992.

Her Telos book opened the way for people worldwide to make their own connection to Adama and the City of Telos. The messages in her book were dictated by Adama, word-for-word, and never edited. Each sentence carries the pure flow of energy from Adama that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own vibration. Since then, Dianne has written four more books full of channeled messages from the Hollow Earth and Nature Kingdoms.

Dianne Robbins continues her connection to the civilizations of Inner Earth, the Elementals and Nature Kingdoms for over 25 years. Her transmissions connect our hearts to the hearts of Beings in advanced civilizations, Whales, Dolphins, the Tree People, the Crystal Nation and Earth’s Elemental Kingdoms.
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